Shopping in Legazpi

Legazpi City offers a lot of shopping options for its visitors. There are malls that house many of the places you might be looking for when shopping for clothes, accessories, and equipment. You also have a lot of shopping options when you're looking for souvenirs. Here are some of the best places you should check out when you're shopping in Legazpi City:

Satellite Market Pasalubong Center

Tahao Road synonymous to a pasalubong center for the people of Legazpi City. The word pasalubong in the vernacular means a souvenir or a gift you bring home to loved ones. It can be anything from food to little trinkets or memoirs of the place you visited. The satellite market on Tahao Road is a good shopping option if you're in the lookout for souvenirs. It is just right across the Ibalong Recreation Center and the city terminal, which makes it a great place for last minute shopping before getting on a bus.

Shoppers have a wide selection of souvenirs to take home at bargain prices. A lot of handmade items such as rugs, key chains, home decors, decorative boxes, and native hand woven bags. You can also get most of the fine delicacies of the Bicol Region here, foremost of which are the pili nut sweets.

Pacific Mall

The Pacific Mall is one of the major shopping options in Legazpi City. It is one of the joint projects of the Landco Pacific Corporation and the Metro Pacific Corporation. The result, of course, is one of the best and largest shopping centers the city has seen so far. The Pacific Mall itself is located at the very heart of the Landco Business Park.

Though the Pacific Mall is indeed smaller than most of the major shopping centers in Manila, it is by far a hallmark of the city’s continuing progress. Locals and visitors frequent the mall not only to get stuff but also just to get out of the heat. The mall has department stores and a supermarket where you can get almost anything you can expect to find in any mall. It also boasts of two state of the art cinemas. The place, of course, is lined with retail shops, fast food restaurants, and boutiques.

The LCC Mall

The LCC Mall is located on Penaranda Street and Quezon Avenue in Legazpi City. This is a home grown mall in Legazpi, which kind of gives the people a bit of pride and adds some sentimental value. If you're looking for fine clothing and formal wear then LCC is a good choice. More city locals would prefer to buy them here. However, since LCC is a lot smaller than the Pacific Mall, you should expect to find fewer boutiques and shops here. However, the ones you do find in LCC sell really quality goods, which makes it a notable shopping option for anyone.

Bichara Silverscreen

This is both a movie house and an entertainment center. Compared to the single floor LCC mall, Bichara Silverscreen is a multi-story facility. It comes complete with cinemas, restaurants, shops, and banks. The place is reminiscent of malls you'll find in Manila, only that it is a lot smaller. You can say that the design and ambience of the place is quite contemporary and a bit homey. It is also easy to find since it is situated near the city's center making it quite accessible.

Albay District

Some of the locals call this place 'Old Albay'. This was once the provincial capital before it got merged into Legazpi City. If you're looking for mementos and native products, this is a good place to get a bargain. Since this is also one of the centers of the city's nightlife with bars and bistros staying up all night, you can even find shops operating 24/7. You may call the place a shopping option after a late night adventure.

Legazpi City Public Market

The public market in Legazpi City is better than most markets in the region. In fact, this public market was awarded in 2006 as a model market for quality and safety. Other than being a good place to look for handicrafts, this is also a major landmark situated in the city proper.



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