Legazpi Hospitals and Health Care

Looking for hospitals in Legazpi City? Here we will look at two first class hospitals in the city namely the Legazpi Eye Center and the Aquinas University Hospital.

Legazpi Eye Center

The Legazpi Eye Center traced its roots in 1994 when it began as the private clinic of Dr. Rollo Milante, an ophthalmologist who completed his residency at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital in 1991. At first, the idea of establishing an eye center was far-fetched in his mind since Dr. Milante wanted to pursue a fellowship in Oculoplasty. However, that dream did not materialize instead, he ventured into general ophthalmology. Soon Dr. Milante felt the need to provide ophthalmic care in Albay, his home province.

In 1993, construction of this Legazpi hospital started at the Imperial Court Subdivision II. Slowly but surely, his practice had a steady growth as his patient base increased. He then sought to extend his services not only to those who could afford his fees but also to the poor people of Bicol and neighboring regions. To realize this, Dr. Milante transferred the Legazpi hospital to a bigger and more convenient venue to accommodate his growing patients. He then started recruiting other ophthalmologists with clinical experience.

The recruits who responded completed their schooling at the College of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest medical institution in the Philippines and the same institution where Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero, completed his ophthalmology course.

They underwent training at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital as well as the St. Lukes Medical Center where they completed their residency. The current batch of specialists in the Legazpi Eye Center is undergoing their clinical training in prestigious hospitals in Asia and North America.

Aquinas University Hospital

Aquinas University Hospital is a product of long years of collaboration which began in the 1970s. Only a handful of people expect that putting up a non-profit Legazpi hospital would be noticed by the public. During the time that the founders decided to come up with the first departmentalized hospital in Bicol, which at that time was considered the most populated and most impoverished regions in the Philippines.

The noble vision of the people behind Legaspi Medical Center was realized in February of 1973 by its stockholders, majority of which were doctors from Manila. Together they were setting their sights on institutionalizing a small but highly recognized medical facility in Albay.

Aquinas University became one of the principal stockholders of the hospital during the time of Fr. Ramon Salinas. Dr. Jose Zantua was the Medical Director of Legaspi Medical Center with Dr. Elias Imperial chosen as Corporate President.

However, the original batch of doctors and surgeons could not regularly come to Albay which necessitated the taking over of the hospital by a local company. On July 1975, Aquinas University took over the helm of operating the facility. It became the mother hospital of the College of Nursing of Aquinas University.

On July 5, 1975, Dr. Enrique Salinas, brother of Fr. Ramon, became the hospitals Officer-in-Charge. The inauguration of Aquinas University Hospital was witnessed by doctors and surgeons representing the various medical missions of the University of Santo Tomas.

Ago General Hospital

Ago General Hospital was inaugurated in 1965 in order to advance the national family planning program by five years. It has 180 beds and includes family planning into the general hospital service. Sterilization is the principal method used. From the 3600 patients annually, 15% have embraced family planning.

In relation to family planning, Ago General Hospital utilizes three main techniques: in-patient, out-patient, and supportive care. It coordinates with other hospitals and agencies regarding their family planning program.



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