Education in Legazpi

Bicolandia educational institutions are gearing up for an anticipated growth in the region spurred on by dramatic and progressive improvements in education in Legaspi, Bicol. Here is a record of educational activities through the years.

Divine Word College

Divine Word College Legaspi aims to intersperse or integrate godliness with secular studies. It started to offer this noble system of education in Legaspi, Bicol in 1958, initially offering secondary education exclusively for boys. Today, it offers courses in business education, engineering, arts and sciences, computer studies, and nursing. Masters degrees are also offered on business and public administration .

For a glimpse of what quality of education in Legaspi, Bicol it contributes, it had a 40 percent passing rate in the Electrical Engineering Board Exams in 2008. This means for every 10 of its examinees, 4 passed the board. Out of 32 of its examinees for the Nursing Board Exams recently, 19 passed, having a 59 percent passing rate. By national cut-off percentage, this is 16 percent higher. It rates second among colleges in Albay as far as nursing course is concerned, and fourth in the whole of Region V.

Computer Arts and Technological College

Also popularly known in the locality as CAT College, it claims to be global in educational perspective, thoroughly computerized in its learning environment, globally linked, and exposed to state-of-the-art trends in computer education. In other words, it’s hi-tech. It has the latest tools in programming enhancement, academic oracle support, and ISP-student advantage. Aside from advanced programs, CAT College also aims to have its students develop ethically to prepare them for competency domestically and globally. CAT College adds to the updated quality of computer education in Legaspi, Bicol.

In fact, CAT College is committed to take computer education in Legsapi, Bicol to the next level to spur more jobs, ease poverty, extend computer literacy to many, and participate in the modernization of the country through wider computerized applications.

Aquinas University

Aquinas University of Legaspi started in 1948 as Legaspi Junior Colleges. In 1952 it became Legaspi College offering elementary, secondary, tertiary, graduate studies, and even vocational courses, improving significantly the available overall education in Legaspi, Bicol. Those times, its laboratory was seen as among the best in the Bicol region aiding in new discoveries to improve coconut and abaca production for industrial purposes. Soon, scientific research efforts will be channeled to their processing.

Aquinas University offers the following courses as part of its vow to help extensively in the furtherance of education in Legaspi, Bicol: education, arts and sciences, nursing and allied health courses, a polytechnic institute, business administration, graduate studies, and law. It also has a cultural exchange program.

The Mariner’s System

The Mariner’s System in Naga, Legaspi, is a result of a dream to put up a maritime school offering superb marine education in Legaspi, Bicol. It started in Manila in 1974 but later transferred to Legaspi in Bicol to serve Bicolanos better and focus on their maritime educational needs. The underprivileged in Bicol was the foremost target. In 1975 it became Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges with a small laboratory and library of donated naval books. In said year international seamanship as an occupation was becoming popular. In 1976 more courses were offered with the acquisition of better equipments and a 10,000 square-meter property. In 1977, the following courses were established: B.S. in Marine Transportation, B.S. in Naval Architecture, Associate in Marine Engineering, 5-year Marine Engineering course, and a secretarial course.

Today, as part of its envisioned role to provide world-class maritime and short-course education in Legaspi, Bicol, it offers facilities for a mock-up hotel, laboratory for culinary studies, radio station facilities, computer and speech labs, and other training services.

Education in Legaspi, Bicol is truly on the surge.




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