Beaches in Legazpi

Tourists the world over are familiar with the white beaches in the various island provinces in the Philippines, but not everyone is aware of the hidden wonders of the beaches in Legazpi in Albay, among the most spectacular being its black sand beaches.

Black Sand Beaches

What makes the beaches in and around Legazpi City unique are the black sand beaches. Black sands are extremely rare, and are created due to the erosions brought about by volcanic rock and lava. One good example would be Big Island (Hawaii). However, there are several of these black beaches in Legazpi thanks to the presence of Mayon Volcano.

Santo Domingo

Going to Sto. Domingo, you will not just get to enjoy a majestic view of Albay Gulf, but also several beaches.

As with Bocacay, there are black sand beaches here. While the beaches are beautiful and engaging to visit in the daytime, it is even more exciting in the evenings. From the Sto. Domingo beaches, you will often see the full moon rise, together with clusters of stars. Standing on the shores the lights emanating from the city will also be visible, complementing the view of the moon.

It is not far from Legazpi City, only 6 miles (11 km) away. As you head towards Sto. Domingo you will also come across several resorts ready to serve your needs.

Bocacay Beach

Some of the most picturesque of these black beaches can be found near the small town Bocacay.

Situated to the east of Mayon Volcano, Bocacay has over 87 miles (143 km) of this ebony sand, composed of scattered volcanic rock. Although the black sand is scattered, several can be found near Barangay Sogod. If you are in Legazpi City, Bocacay is only half an hour away You’ll know you are in Bocacay because there is a beach sign nearby, along with some resorts.


Some 24 miles (40 km) away from Legazpi City lies Tiwi, itself resting on the northern part of Mayon Volcano.

There are several sandy beaches in Tiwi. If you love to go swimming, one of the best places are the coasts near the Joroan shore. The view from the beach includes that of Lagonoy Gulf, and several small islands near Camarines Sur. The view from beneath the waters are also ideal for diving. It is only 45 minutes away from Legazpi so reaching the area is not difficult.

Sogod Beach

Of the numerous beaches in and around Bocacay, the one that is most frequented is that of Sogod Beach.

The main highlights of Sogod Beach are the black sands which cover several of the beaches there. There are also lots of coconut trees in the area that provide a shade against the summer heat. The deep blue seas in Sogod Beach are also filled with exotic creatures that would interest swimmers and underwater photographers.

Kalayukai Beach

Not far from Sto. Domingo lies Kalayukai beach, one of the most beautiful in Legazpi City.

Aside from the silky smooth sands, other attractions of Kalayukai beach are the waters themselves, which are among the cleanest and purest around the region. Tourists can go diving and see several beautiful corals beneath the sea, or hire a banca (the local boat) for a cruise along the waters.

San Lorenzo Beach

Located in Tabaco, this is one beach that visitors to Legazpi City should not miss out on.

Although the number of tourists flocking to Tabaco have been growing, the beach has maintained its cleanliness. Aside from providing vistas of Tabaco Bay, there are also viewpoints of San Miguel island, one of the most picturesque in Albay. From San Lorenzo Beach one will be able to see this beautiful island.




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