How to get to Legazpi

There are many viable transportation options that passengers can take when going to Legazpi City.

How to get to Legazpi By Air

With a runway extending 2,280 kilometers, Legazpi Airport has the capacity to handle international carriers. Philippine Airlines has ten weekly flights while Cebu Pacific has two flights daily originating from Manila. PAL and Cebu Pacific utilize Airbus A320s and A319s respectively. Starting December 2008, Zest Air will have flights to Legazpi. With three airlines plying the Manila-Legazpi route daily, the city is looming to become the real gateway city of Southern Luzon.

Plans are currently on the works for the construction of a new international airport to be located in Barangay Alobo in nearby Daraga. To be named Southern Luzon International Airport, it is hoped that this project will boost the tourism industry of the Bicol Region.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has expressed her commitment to speed up the construction of the facility during her 2007 State-of-the-Nation-Address.

How to get to Legazpi By Land

It is possible to reach Legazpi City by bus from Manila. The total travel time is 11 to 13 hours. However, with the new Andaya Highway, it is expected that the trip will be lessened by three hours. More than ten bus lines have daily operations originating from Manila to the city which makes Legazpi very accessible to commuters as well as tourists.

The Philippine National Railways has trains plying the Manila-Legazpi route and back via Cape Gauge. This narrow track results is laterally instable which prevents the trains from running at top speed. The trains leave Tayuman Station at 4:00 pm and arrive in Legazpi at 7:00 am the following day without any weather disturbance.

Usually, the trains will arrive late on schedule because they need to slow down at at-grade crossings. These trains are also prone to accidents because road traffic disregards the “stop-look-listen” signs. Aside from this, train engineers are consistently blowing the horn of their trains.

Prior to the Second World War, the trains reached all the way to Tabaco, Albay, which is now a city and Bicol’s main international port facing the Pacific.

How to get to Legazpi By Sea

For passengers who are coming from provinces like Cebu & Leyte, WG & A and Trans-Asia Shipping has trips going to Legazpi City via Masbate. From Leyte, travel time takes 15 hours while from Cebu, the travel time is 12 hours.

Public Transportation

Public utility vehicles (PUVs) like jeepneys, tricycles, taxis, and air-conditioned vans are accessible anytime of the day.



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